Net Zero Analysis

Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Renewable Energy Marketing Transformation
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Why Net Zero Analysis and Design?

Not All Carbon Credits Are Alike

The market price of a carbon credit is dependent upon its quality. NZA’s process involves multiple data points and cross references, as well as third-party verification to garner the highest sales prices possible, under the given parameters. NZA uses utility-reported production data and cross-references that data to a prediction model and multiple public data sources for verification. The automated data-collection process virtually eliminates the potential for human error, removing a common issue that may lower credit quality. Credits have an individual issuance number and are verified as retired after use.

Who We Are

NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and real estate matters, as well as a solid grasp of market economics and trends.

NZA’s carbon-credit calculation methods have been third-party verified as ISO14000 compliant, and the company is ISO14001 certified, with two company officers certified as international auditors.  NZA is a member of the American Carbon Registry, which offers international carbon credit trading and is poised to begin selling offsets into the emerging CORSIA marketplace.

What We Do

We allow owners of large-scale solar and wind energy installations to unlock a significant revenue stream from the Environmental Benefits (EB) of these assets that was previously unavailable. Our methods produce high-quality, in-demand carbon credits that are aggregated and sold in the global marketplace.

Our Process

  • Phase 00

    Review field specifications, equipment and documents to determine preliminary “back-of-envelope” costs and carbon credit generation capabilities.

  • Phase 01

    Develop project plan and choose methodology for each new or existing renewable energy installation.

  • Phase 02

    Setting up of accounts, submittal of plan and methodology to governing body, third-party field verification of renewable energy installation components.

  • Phase 03

    Final third party verification, validation, and publication of credits for sale.