Tax Incentives

    With a variety of tax incentives for energy efficient buildings, there are plenty of great cost-cutting opportunities. With only 12 months of utility statements, we can locate applicable incentives and apply for them on your behalf. You’ll be surprised how much you can save!

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    Energy Usage Reduction

    Utility Optimization Intelligences (UOIs) are responsive lighting, heating, and cooling systems customizable for buildings of all sizes, from single family dwellings to warehouses. They promise a full return on investment in under a year with a 25% to 35% energy usage reduction.

    Harnessing the power of smart technology, these affordable systems can detect and react to room occupancy, indoor and outdoor temperature, circuit breaker stress, hot and cold water use, and ambient light. They can even utilize information from historic weather trends and many other variables.

    Interact with these systems via smartphones and computers, inputting building information and receiving energy usage alerts as well as maintenance reminders. They will report their decisions to you via an easy-to-use app, as well as email and texts.

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